Zero Conditionals;

if + present This type of sentence describes what always happens. When
simple + present or if can introduce the sentence.
• Its a tropical country, and so if it rains hard, everyone stays indoors.
• When it rains hard, everyone stays indoors.

if + imperative This type of sentence tells people what to do in certain situations.

• If you feel dizzy, stop taking the tablets.
• If you change your mind, give me a ring.

If Clause
Main Clause

I. Future Possibility

Simple Present
should+V1 will
may +V1

II. Present Unreal

Siple Past
could+ V1
could +V1

III. Past Unreal
Past Perfect
could have +V3 would have
could have +V3
might have

IV. Mixed Type
(3+2) Past Perfect
Past Perfect
could +V1

First Conditionals;

if+ present simple This type of sentence is sometimes called a real
+will/won’t conditionals.It describes what someone thinks will
happen in a real situation. We use real here to show
the difference with the imaginary situation in
Conditional 2. You believe that the thinks you’re talking
about will happen.

• If we walk so slowly, we’ll be late.
• If we run, we won’t be late.
• If we don’t run, we’ll be late.

Situation: You’re at the supermarket with a friend.
Your friend has put some eggs in one bag, and is trying
to pick up lots of other bags too. You say:

• If you carry too many bags, you’ll drop the eggs.
• If you drop the eggs, they will break.
• If the eggs break, there will be an awful mess on the floor.
• If you are careful, you won’t break them.

It’s possible to use other present tenses instead of
present simple in this type of sentence.

• Present continuous if you’re driving,i’ll come with you
• Present perfect if i’ve seen the film before,i’ll tell you

Second Conditionals;

if+past simple This type of sentence is sometimes called an imaginary
+would/wouldn’t condition. It refers to things that might happen in the
future, or things that you can imagine happening.

• If I had a helicopter, I’d fly to school.
• If I flew to school, I wouldn’t be late.


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