Present Perfect Tense Nerelerde Kullanılır?

a) Present perfect tense, geçmişte, belirsiz bir zamanda, yapılmış ya da hiç yapılmamış bir eylemi ifade ederken kullanılır. Eylemlerin ne zaman yapıldığı Present Perfect Tense?de önemli değildir ve belirtilmez. Eğer geçmişte belirli bir zaman belirtilmesi gerekiyorsa, ya da eylemin ne zaman yapıldığı belirtilmek isteniyorsa, Simple Past Tense kullanılır.

? They have moved to a new apartment. They moved there last week.
? I have washed the car. (It is clean now!)
? I have never seen such a big building. (All my life)
? I have met Bill's wife. I met her at a party last night.
? Have you ever eaten at that restaurant yet?
? I think I have seen that girl before.

b) For , since, so far, up till now, untill now ile kullanıldığında present perfect tense geçmişte başlayıp içinde bulunduğumuz ana kadar devem etmekte olan bir eylemden bahsetmek için kullanılır.

? I have been here since 9 o'clock.
? They have been married for 25 years.
? I have has this old car for 10 years.
? She has done great work up to now. I think she will be promoted soon.
? I haven't seen my uncle since 1990.
? Janet has been very busy with the new project for the last three months.
? I have liked science-fiction films ever since I was a child.

c) The present perfect tense geçmiş ve şimdiki zaman arasında, kesin zamanlar belirtmeksizin, tekrarlanmış olan eylemlerden bahsederken kullanılır.

? I have seen that movie four times.
? I have met many new friends since I came here.
? How many times have you been to France?
? The telephone has rung six times since this morning.
? The scientists have made many important inventions since 1900s.

d) Bahsedilen zaman dilimi henüz bitmemiş ise present perfect tense kullanılır.

? I haven't seen Tom this morning. (It's still this morning)
? My grandfather has written many novels. (He is still alive and writing novels)
? It has rained a lot this year.
? Jane hasn't called me today.

e) Present perfect tense çok kısa bir süre önce tamamlanmış,geçerliliğini hala koruyan eylemleri ifade etmek için kullanılır.

? I have just eaten a sandwich. ( I am not hungry now)
? Ouch! I've cut my finger. It's bleeding.
? My boss has gone to London. (He is there now)
? The robbers have been put into the prison. (They are in prison now.)


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