Cümlenin zamanına uygun yardımcı fiil ve cümlenin öznesine uygun sahış zamiri getirilerek cümlenin sonuna eklenen sorulardır.
………… aux. verb + s.pro ?
tense -aux.verb (+) clause -(-) tag question
subject -aux.verb (-) clause →(+)tag question

• Positive sentences -negative question tag ?
• Negative sentences -positive question ?
- Hakan works at a bank, doesn’t he ?
- You don’t like spinach,do you?
- She is staying at a bed & breakfast,isn’t she ?
1-Simple Past:
- You weren’t offended by what she said, were you?
- You raised this point at the meeting, didn’t you?
- He used to smoke a lot until last year,didn’he?
You didn`t go to school ,did you ?
- Yes ( I went )
No ( I didn`t )
- He hasn’t yielded to pressure,has he?
- John has been working for Microsoft since he graduated from the university,hasn’t he?
3-Past Perfect :
- They had given a party before their parents returned,hadn’t they?
- Derya can cope with this situation, can’t she?
- Jane would like to get a scholarship, wouldn’t she?
- She had better clean her room, hadn’t she?
- You will help me,won’t you?
- You didn’t go to school,did you?
- No, I didn’t ( I didn’t go)
- Yes, I did ( I went)
- He would rather live in a house than a flat , wouldn`t he ?
- You weren`t offended ,were you ?
- He will help us , won`t he ?

A ) Subject __ one, body = they?
Everyone likes ice-cream, don’t they?
Everyone is here , aren`t they ?
Everybody was upset with the decision, weren’t they?
Somebody is calling me, aren’t they?
Nobody wants to be poor, do they?
Nobody objected to the plan, did they?
B) Subject __ thing = it
Something must be done right away, mustn’t it?
Nothing has been done yet, has it?
Nothing compares to you, does it?
Everything is okey, isn`t it?
C) Neither, no, no one, nobody, seldom, barely, scarcely, hardly ever, never__question tag/positive
Neither of your parents approve of your marriage, do they?
Nothing compares to you ,does it ?
You hardly ever participate in such events , do you ?
None of them made a complaint , did they?
He never acts like a gentleman, does he?
D) There is/are/was/were/has been__ ........ Taq guestion : There?
There used to be a cinema here five years ago, didn’t there?
There isn’t any sugar in my tea, is there?
There won` t be too many people at the party, will there?
E) Imperatives : taq guestion __ will you?
Don’t make any noise, will you?
Mind the traffic, will you?
Hold on a second, will you ?
F) Let’s __ shall we?
Let’s meet where the continents meet, shall we?
Let’s move on, shall we ?
Let`s have a break , shall we ?
G) Introductory Phrases ( giriş cümleleri )
I think , I’m afraid , I believe , I suspect , I’m certain , I’m sure , I imagine , I suppose , I hope , As far as I remember
* Cümle bunlarla başlarsa question tag bunlardan sonra gelen cümleye göre yapılır.Yani ikinci tarafa gore yapılır.
I think he’s in love with her, isn’t he ?
I hope he will be the champion, won’t he ?
I’m certain everyone has been trained to deal with rude customer, haven’t they ?
As far as I can see John is the best candidate of all those who applied for the vacant position, isn’t he?
I think her new job involves plenty of travelling , doesn`t it ?
H) I don’t think ......... I don’t believe.......... I don’t suppose.......... taq question olumlu olacak ve cümlenin öznesi zamanı için 2. taraf esas alınacak .
Cümlenin öznesi ve zamanı için ikinci tarafa bakılır, olumlu-olumsuz olması içinse birinci tarafa bakılır.
I don’t think he deserves to be praised for what he did, does he?
I don’t believe you’re serious, are you?
I don’t think anyone will volunteer, will they?
I don’t imagine she is capable of coping with so much stress, is she?
I don`t suppose that she can handle this on herown , can she ?

I) Complicated Phrases
* Bağlaçlı olan cümle yan cümledir.Question tag ana cümleye göre yapılır.
Mary told you that she would come to the wedding, didn’t she?
This will be the first time that Tarkan is giving a concert in the US, won’t it ?
Our teacher gets angry when we tell a lie ,doesn’t he/she ?
Should you need any further assistance please inform us, will you ?
Though I had given him some good advice on how to act, didn’t he ?
I can’t remember how many people wanted to be in the play , can I can you ? (ya sen)
I’m very smart ,aren’t I?
I am a human, aren`t I?
You have lost some weight since I saw you, haven`t you?
Now that they have a baby, they hardly ever come out with us any more, do they ?
Poor though he is, he is happy, isn`t he?
Although he studied hard, he couldn`t pass the exam, could he?
Don`t forget to shut the windows before you go out, will you?
Shall you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us, will you ?
Konuşan kişiye dinlediğimizi belli etmek için sorulan yansıma sorularıdır.
1: Sasırdıgımızı veya karşıdaki kişiyi dinlediğimizi belli etmek için kullanılır
2: Cümle olumluysa ‘echo question’ da olumludur . Cümle olumsuzsa ‘echo question’da olumsuzdur
A) I can’t swim.
B) Can’t you?
3: Soruyu soran karsıdaki kişidir
A) I have seen the mayor today. A) I met Cüneyt A. last week.
B) Have you? B) Did you?

• I have just seen a snake. Have you?

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