English Prepositions

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Preposition Exercises 4
Fill in the blanks with "in" "to" "at" or "nothing".
Boşlukları uygun "prepositions" (in, to, at) ile tamamlayınız. Cevapları görmek için kutuları tıklayınız.

1 - Alex is neither short nor tall; he was average height.

2 - What are you going to buy Marcia her birthday?

3 - The police are looking a tall, black man who was seen standing outside the bank just before the robbery took place.

4 - The teacher asked the class to do the exercise the bottom of page 12.

5 - As a child he was always ashamed himself because his family was so poor.

6 - I was always very good History when I was at school.

7 - My uncle specializes ELT at Oxford University.

8 - We arrived the station in the morning.

9 - I didn't see you the party on Saturday.

10 - I hate those people who beat and swear the football matches.

11 - He saw her as the most attractive woman the world.

12 - Carlos is completely useless sports, especially football.