Online English Grammar Test - 1

Choose the correct form in brackets. After you finish, check it; you will see your mistakes in pink.
Her kutuda üç veya dört seçenek var, uygun olanı seçiniz. Tüm soruları yanıtladıktan sonra, sayfanın alt kısmındaki "Check It!" tuşuna bastığınızda yanlış cevaplarınız pembe, doğru cevaplarınız sarı ile gösterilecektir. Başarılar!

  1. "?" "She is fair and she has got green eyes." 

  2. " personality has Ahmet got?" "He has got his uncle's personality."

  3. Hair, hands, legs, mouth, nose are the parts of our

  4. do you look like ? "I look a bit like my aunt"

  5. colour shirt are you wearing ? "A black one"

  6. A spider eight legs.

  7. George has got .

  8.  I toast and tea for breakfast but my brother has eggs and coffee.

  9. When I am , I go to the doctor.

  10. I have a headache! I a painkiller.

  11. The train arrives Haydarpaşa Station 7:10.

  12. When I arrive Istanbul, I'll visit Topkapi and Blue Mosque.

  13. We have got apricots this year. We don't know where to put them.

  14. " students are there at Inönü University?" "There are nearly 20000 students."

  15. I would like to go to the cinema but I have got work.

  16. George and Alice four small children.

  17. " do you travel to work?" " bus"

  18. There is snow in the mountains this year - not enough for good skiing.

  19. I like football but I basketball.

  20. Uncle Thomas is only nine so he hasn't got any .

  21. " are these jeans ?" "They are twenty-five pounds"

  22. I cannot make a cake. There is milk at home.

  23. "I do not have any job" "So you are "

  24. I was born December 23th, 1983.

  25. Atatürk was born 1881.

  26. We live the ninth floor this building.

  27. is the nearest post office? It is about five hundreds yards.

  28. " are you?" "I'm Turkish."

  29. I felt ill yesterday, so I to see the doctor.

  30. There any computers fifty years ago but now there are millions of them.

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