Online English Grammar Test - 2

Choose the correct form in brackets. After you finish, check it; you will see your mistakes in pink.
Her kutuda üç veya dört seçenek var, uygun olanı seçiniz. Tüm soruları yanıtladıktan sonra, sayfanın alt kısmındaki "Check It!" tuşuna bastığınızda yanlış cevaplarınız pembe, doğru cevaplarınız sarı ile gösterilecektir. Başarılar!

  1. Living conditions in a poor village are obviously unhygrenic, life in a sophisticated city is also potentially dangerous.

  2. Most children are able to walk holding on to anything when they are fifteen months old.

  3. science and technology, there would not be enough food, housing, or clothing for the world's population.

  4. Her parents do not approve her involvement with music and dance.

  5. This house cannot have a second floor its walls are not strong enough to hold it up.

  6. It was his own fault, but I couldn't help sorry for him.

  7. Would you mind ?

  8. I couldn't afford on holiday last summer.

  9. This is the eleventh patient the doctor today.

  10. By six o'clock tomorrow, he in Istanbul.

  11. I English for seven years when I entered Foreign Languages Examination.

  12. By the time the instructor entered the lesson, I my assignment two times.

  13. My dictionary isn't in its usual place; somebody it.

  14. You will be introduced to the president of the Education Association, .

  15. He said we were on no account the meeting before he came.

  16. Can I pay you next week? I am short money present.

  17. unemployment, people have moved to big cities such as Istanbul and Izmir.  

  18. unemployment increases in small settlements, people move to large cities.

  19. Unfortunately, most people are not aware some children in African countries starve to death.

  20. the premiums for insuring the premises are high, we have no other choice but to take out a policy.

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