Online English Vocabulary Test - 1

Choose the correct form in brackets. After you finish, check it; you will see your mistakes in pink.
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  1. Turkish membership in the E.U. will the European community.

  2. North Korea, though much poorer than South Korea, has a bigger army and is rapidly  its ballistic-missile arsenal.

  3. Almost since tobacco came to the Old World, have tried to stand between Europeans abd their smoking - sometimes for health, but often for taxes.

  4. According to the United Nations, declared nuclear powers the US, Russia, China, France, Britain, India and Pakistan.

  5. Turkey has some laws smoking in hospitals, offices, and public areas.

  6. Various have been provided by Inönü University to enable its students to do research.

  7. The first men to climb to the summit of Mount Everest were Sir Edmund Hillary, and his  Sherpa Tensing.

  8. Living in a multi-racial society can be very difficult sometimes, especially if you are part of a   group.

  9. According to scientific studies,  humans continue to think about their problems and find solutions to them while they sleep.

  10. Virtually no incidence of cancer has been observed among gypsies, who have a life.

  11. Diabetes has become a common disease since refined flour and sugar began to be in large quantities in the 19th century.

  12. One of the biggest mistakes we make in our relations with other people is to their feelings or ideas.

  13. Unfortunately man is altering the balance of nature, sometimes deliberately, sometimes  .

  14. Romantic fiction is primarily the kind which offers the reader an from reality.

  15. Zile, an ancient town in Northern Anatolia, was famous as the site where Julius Caesar the army of Pharnaces II, son of Mithradates VI of Pontus, and said of his victory, "Veni, vidi, vici".

  16. We can give reasons for smoking habits, but the basic one is probably the fact that young people regard it as a symbol, a sign of adult status.

  17. Examinations test a student's knowledge and of a particular subject. .

  18. Recent studies of patients at sleep clinics have significant facts about the causes of insomnia as well as ways to deal with it. .

  19. Space is a dangerous place, not only because of meteors but also because of from the sun and other stars. 

  20. Several studies display that an is born with the capacity to speak.

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