Online English Vocabulary Test - 2

Choose the correct form in brackets. After you finish, check it; you will see your mistakes in pink.
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  1. The salesperson the price $15 because of the damage to the product.

  2. The five senses are visual, , auditory, olfactory, and gustatory.

  3. The brain is the central processing unit of a living body. It directs all the body's , such as respiration (breathing), (the breaking down of foods into substances), and the  (blood and other fluids through the body).

  4. To be a leader, it's not enough to be hardworking and knowldgeable; one must also be able to inspire .

  5. Geological activity in this region has produced a landscape that is at once and forbidding.

  6. A logic puzzle is actually a test of a person's ability to make .

  7. The applauded enthusiastically after the performance was finished.

  8.  I told my boss that I wanted a big .

  9. Your opinion had no on my decision.

  10. Could you give me the for that wonderful dessert?

  11. The officials his passport on entering the country.

  12. Could you give me some on this problem.

  13. They are doing research on the of the new drug.

  14. Unfortunately, he made quite a serious while working on the plumbing.

  15. The instructor us we had made a good decision.

  16. His help with the contract was .

  17. In 1948, Ireland from the British Commonwealth.

  18. Great Britain, the dominant industrial and maritime power of the 19th century, played a leading in developing parliamentary democracy and in advancing literature and science.

  19. Scientists claims that the living beings that have the densest in the world are the ants.  

  20. The ants care for their babies, protect their and fight as they produce and store their food.

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